Riptide Tranquility Series

a relaxing experience

Beautifully formed two seater spa with 22 jets in three varieties for a perfect, relaxing massage.

You really want a spa at home, but think perhaps the space on your patio is an issue? Then consider the stylish and compact Skyline two person Hot tub.

The Skyline has two spacious lounger seats featuring 22 hydrotherapy jets with supportive pillows and individual jet control. Being only 740mm high, access to the rear of a property isn’t usually a problem, thus avoiding the requirement of a crane.

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Tranquility Skyline
  • Dimensions 200 x 150 x 74 cm
  • Persons 3 persons
  • Volume: 760 ltr
  • Weight dry: 241 kg
  • Jets: 22 hydrotherapy jets in 3 variations
  • £4,999.00

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Spacious five person spa with great hydrotherapy jet combinations in four varieties.

The five person Uptown has four large, comfortable seats with spacious leg room, a luxurious lounger with foot jets and an additional cool down seat.

23 hydrotherapy jets in four varieties spread across the spacious interior allow you to ease your way from one seat to another to enjoy a different massage combination.

Tranquility Uptown
  • Dimensions 212 x 212 x 82 cm
  • Persons 6 persons
  • Volume: 1100 ltr
  • Weight dry: 310 kg
  • Jets: 23 hydrotherapy jets in 4 variations
  • £5,499.00

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The four seater Mayfair features 24 hydrotherapy massage jets for relaxing, quality time with family and friends.

The top of the range Mayfair is a seriously big and deep five person hot tub, There are plenty of spa top places for drinks, 24 large, individually controlled hydrotherapy jets.

Tranquility Mayfair
  • Dimensions 212 x 212 x 82 cm
  • Persons 4-5 persons
  • Volume: 1150 ltr
  • Weight dry: 315 kg
  • Jets: 24 hydrotherapy jets in 4 variations
  • £5,499.00

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Powerful hydrotherapy jets in a beautifully spacious spa.

The seven seater Stratum features a full lounger, a captain’s seat with wrist jets plus five additional spaces with open seating which allows you to move freely around within the spa.

59 powerful hydrotherapy jets, water edge lighting, an ice box for your sparkling wine and beer and back lit waterfall all makes for a lovely spa package.

Tranquility Stratum
  • Dimensions 230 x 240 x 92 cm
  • Persons 7 persons
  • Volume: 1600 ltr
  • Weight dry: 450 kg
  • Jets: 59 hydrotherapy jets in 5 variations
  • £8,695.00

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Invigorating Hydrotherapy at your finger tips.

Comfortably seating five including a full length lounger, the Tribute is ideal for family groups or for just relaxing on your own.

Spacious and stylish, the Tribute features 49 jets, water edge lighting, a relaxing water feature and Tranquility Spas’ easy and fun to use control system.

The Tribute makes a great choice for your patio or garden.

Tranquility Tribute
Tranquility Tribute
  • Dimensions 210 x 210 x 92 cm
  • Persons 5 persons
  • Volume: 980 ltr
  • Weight dry: 349 kg
  • Jets: 49 hydrotherapy jets in 5 variations
  • £7,850.00

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Powerful jets, ultra comfortable loungers.

Relax in total comfort in the spacious Esteem. Featuring two full length lounger positions, this is the perfect spa for couples and families.

The Esteem is packed with 50 powerful jets spread across the five ultra comfortable seating positions making this spa a real winner.

Tranquility Esteem
Tranquility Esteem
  • Dimensions 212 x 212 x 92 cm
  • Persons 5 persons
  • Volume: 1300 ltr
  • Weight dry: 350 kg
  • Jets: 50 hydrotherapy jets in 5 variations
  • £7,995.00

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