Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa Maintenance

Call Out a Service Technician

Wayne Hitchcock, our service technician standing next to his car

If you need a technician to come to your home and investigate any problems we charge £109 for up to 1 hour of our time, and pro-rata rate per 1/4 hour after that. When booking please explain in as much detail what has gone wrong so that we can bring with us all necessary parts, if we find we have not got what is needed for the repair then the return visit is not charged. Please call the service department on 01245 265036 option 2 to book. (Please note all service work is plus cost of parts, and within our service area, and so we can do the best job our technician call out are restricted to only products we have sold, sorry)

Spa and Swim Spa Servicing Packages

At Hot Tub Barn we have developed 5 spa service packages to meet your differing needs, depending on your spas usage, time of year and how much you want to do yourself.

Wayne servicing a Hot Tub

We have 5 spa service packages to meet your differing needs.
As a bare minimum, we recommend you let us perform a Bronze Service every 12 months or so. Our Gold Service (which can replace the Bronze as your annual service) includes a system cleaner flush, with 2 water changes. Book our 12 month Annual Contract and you will receive a year's supply of Silver Ions free of charge. For swim spa owners, we can take care of your pool Diamond services, saving you hours.

How to Guides

Wayne on a How To Video

If you want to have a go and fix your hot tub yourself, then our spa maintenance how to guides can be watched as many times as you like, until you feel confident enough to do the job. We keep parts for Hotspring spas back to 1977, so call the service department on 01245 265036 option 2 to order.

Owners Manuals

As part of our Green initiatives, we do not automatically provide manuals with pools and spas. All spa manuals can be accessed through our website and downloaded if needed. If you must have a hard copy, then find the correct spa type and year, click on the PDF, and print your manual.

Total Alkalinity Charts

All spas and pools need to have their Total Alkalinity between 80-100 ppm (parts per million). If the Total Alkalinity is not balanced, you will find it impossible to correct your pH, and in turn may not get the full benefit of your sanitizer. Download Total Alkalinity charts for your spa and find out to use them.

Parts for Spas, Hot Tubs and Pools

We are one of the longest established Hot Tub dealer in the UK. Sarah and Huw Chivers have been selling and servicing spa and pool products since 1996. We have a huge number of spa and pool parts in stock and should be able to help with all your needs. We also carry parts for Riptide pools and Rapid River swim spas. Please call 01245 265036 option 2 for further information.

Moving, Relocating and Storing Your Spa

If you're moving home, or buying/selling a spa, we can help with moving, relocating and storing your spa.