Riptide Swim Spas and Exercise PoolsDuo Pools and Colossus Pools delivered and installed by our experienced team.

Swim Spas are the professional athlete's choice when selecting a swimming pool, and can form an important part of the day-to-day fitness regime of anyone who wants to stay in good shape.

More compact than standard above ground swimming pools, swimming against the swim spa's powerful counter-current jets will give even the strongest swimmer an excellent work-out.

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Why buy a swim spa?

Great brands backed by reliable warranties

Riptide and DoggySwim are award winning, best-in-class products - supplied and installed by a company which prides itself on its service network, after sales care and overall customer experience.

Riptide Swim Spas

World beating excellence

Single Chamber Swim Spas with counter currents are very popular, mainly because you can move from the spa end to the counter current end without getting out. Many of these spas can seat up to 5 or 6 people plus swimmer.

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Riptide Combination Pools

Ready to use all the year around

The spa and counter current swimming pool in one unit, but with two separate volumes of water, is a better option if you are going to do some serious swimming. When you have had enough you can slide over the wall into the hot tub and relax in much warmer water. The two separate ends have independent heating and filtration.

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Riptide Exercise Pools

Dedicated exercise pools are designed for people to swim in. There are no seats, there are no blowers, making its whole purpose exercise. These pools are deeper and offer a superb swim experience, with wide mouth, high power, turbulence free counter-current jets.

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Riptide Colossus Pools

Designed for when only the best and biggest will do

The beautiful, elegant lines of your colossus pool will brighten the dullest day, and at night the colour changing water edge lighting will turn your swim spa into an inviting, warm aquatic exercise and play area. Owning an 8m pool means more space for the family to splash, play and swim in.

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Riptide DoggySwim

DoggySwim is a range of purpose built canine exercise pools from leading swim spa manufacturer Riptide Pools.

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Why buy a Swim Spa?

Swimming is one of the best methods of building your body's strength and muscle toning, and owning your own swim spa allows you to swim every day without the hassle and running costs of a large, traditional swimming pool, or the expense and effort of visiting a public pool or gym.

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What makes your products the best?

Hot Tub Barn offers a wide range to suit every need, from small swimming pools with the lowest running costs, to exercise pool and spa combinations for the most active of families.

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Powerful, variable counter-current jets

Our Swim Spas utilise speed variable jets, which give the strongest counter-currents of any exercise pool on sale today. With up to 3500 gallon/minute of powerful flow at their disposal, the powerful counter-current jets produce an impressive current to swim into.

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Completely adjustable to suit your needs

Fully programmable using the control panel, the jets allow you to set your endless pool for your fitness and strength. The water temperature is thermostatically controllable, the adjustment enabling you to reach the right temperature for whatever you're using the pool for.

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What about delivery and installation?

Exercise pools are easily installed in gardens, courtyards, terraces, and anywhere else that space could be limited - all whilst offering the same benefits a standard swimming pool can provide, plus much more!
Here you can read more about delivery and installation.

All swim spa prices shown include delivery and installation within 150 miles of our showrooms in Chelmsford or Southend in EssexAshford or Sevenoaks in KentCambridgeKing's LynnFarnham or Bicester.

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