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Thatched Gazebo

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The simple design of the Lapa shelter not only creates a feeling of privacy for your hot tub or spa, but also creates a spectacular addition to any garden.

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Product features

Roof Width: 3.8m or 4.2m
Body Width: 2.9m
Height at eave: 1.93m
Height at center roof-cap: 3.1m or 3.2m

The simple design of the Lapa shelter not only creates a feeling of privacy for your hot tub or spa, but also creates a spectacular addition to any garden.

Manufactured from high quality machined timber and featuring a unique thatched roof is it large enough cover the biggest hot tubs.

Overall Diameter

3.8m or 4.2m

Maximum Height

3.1m or 3.2m

Suited Spas

3.8m gazebo accommodates spas up to 2200mm x 2200mm
4.2m gazebo accommodates spas up to 2650mm x 2650mm


Pre-stained and Treated Osmose Wood preservative

Roof Framework

Galvanised Steel

Thatched Roof

Cape Reed tiles with 6-10 year life expectancy
Eliminates 100% of UV
99% Waterproof

Kit Contents

4 x 2.0m 125/150mm Uprights
4 x 100mm Ring Beams
3 x 900mm high ballustrades
8 x 450/500mm corner braces
4 x galvanised steel roof sections
42 x thatch tiles on 3.8m gazebo & 57 thatch tiles on 4.2m gazebo
1 top cone
1 box of fixings

Additional Information

Additional Information

Model Thatched Gazebo

Warranty , Installation & Manual

Tools & Materials Required for Installation

  • A sharp knife
  • A Drill / Driver
  • Clamp / mole grip
  • adjustable spanners
  • 8mm drill bit
  • level

Base Requirements

Your thatched spa gazebo is free standing and should be installed on a strong level surface. Suitable options are:

  • Level Patio or Concrete
  • Strong Decking

Ensure all 4 uprights are located on the chosen base.

Installing Timber Frame

1. Take one of the uprights and hold it vertically
2. Attach a balustrades with 3 large scews located through the pre drilled holes. The balustrade should be installed 100mm off the floor
3. Attach a second upright to the other end of the balustrade
4. Repeat the process for the second and third balustrade
5. At the point where the 3 ballustrades are attached to the 4 uprights ensure that the structure is square by checking the diagonal dimension
6. Fix the 4 x 100mm ring beams level with the tops of the uprights with three large screws at each joint.
7. Fit the 8 corner braces to the tops of the uprights ensuring that each post is upright prior to final fixing.

Installing Roof

1. Lay out the roof sections of roof on a flat surface.
2. Loosely assemble the whole roof frame with the bolts provided
3. Once the roof frame has been loosely assembled ensure that the lower edge of the frame is flush with the ground around the full circumference
4. Tighten the frame
5. Lift the frame onto the tops of the posts
6. The joints in the frame must be located over the post centres
7. Secure the roof using the galvanised hooks. These fit over the frame and should be fixed into the tops of the posts.
8. To fit them drill a deep hole with the 8mm drill bit and tap them in. Take care not to split the tops of the posts.
9. You can then proceed to thatch the roof
10. Each tile simply clips onto the metal frame
11. Start with the bottom row and work round a level at a time. You will need to cut some tiles to ensure they all fit. To cut the tiles put a Stanley knife through one side of the resin band, snap the top of the band, then cut the other side. Do not throw away any off cuts as they be need elsewhere.
12. Work up row by row towards the top
13. Place the top cone on last and secure with the wires on the inside

Installation Dimensions - 4.2m Diameter Gazebo

Lapa Spa Shelter Dimensions

Installation Dimensions - 3.8m Diameter Gazebo

Lapa Spa Shelter Dimensions


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