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What is a Swim Spa? Why should you buy one?

For Fitness

Swim spas can form an incredibly effective part of your fitness regime, whether you're just training to stay fit and healthy, or taking on the gruelling demands of competitive swimming, open water swimming or triathlon. With an endlessly adjustable infinite pool at your own home, there is no driving to public facilities, no unpleasant changing rooms and lockers to contend with.. and no excuses either!


For Relaxation

Relaxing in a Rapid River swim spa

Because of their insulated, locking covers, and top quality thermoplastic shells, the best swim spas can be maintained at a constant temperature, ready to take the plunge and relax whenever you desire, even in the twilight hours (most models feature underwater lighting). As we move from season to season you can adjust the temperature for the perfect conditions.

Even dedicated exercise pool models without spa features are extremely relaxing, and can be beneficial to those with mobility problems, arthritis, etc. Swim spas with hot tub features, like our single and dual volume Riptide models, take things to the next level for relaxation, with complex arrays of jets positioned perfectly to massage key muscle groups.

For Family fun

Family fun is always on the cards with a swim spa, the warm water welcoming your family in all seasons. Whether you're exercising, playing with the kids, or entertaining friends, swim spas suit every requirement. After use, the cover can be locked back down, keeping the warmth in, and unsupervised children out!

Built to last a lifetime

Our range of swimming pools is built to exacting standards, from the strong, stainless steel frame, right through to the locking cover. Completely filled with 2lb, closed cell foam for optimal insulation, and components sit perfectly in the framework.

Safe Water With Less Maintenance

Conventional swimming pools can require a lot of general cleaning and maintenance, this is however not the case with our swim spas, which incorporates state-of-the-art sanitising and filtration systems. Using top quality pumps, pressurised and water-fed filter systems, and twin corona ozone discharge, you can relax knowing you're getting the cleanest, safest pool experience possible.

No huge electricity bills

Running a swim spa needn't be expensive - thanks to the superior insulation materials used and the insulated shells, you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your pool is as cost effective to run as possible. A typical 19'6" swim spa, kept constantly warm, will cost substantially less than traditional swimming pools.

The relocatable swim spa

When installing a standard swimming pool into your home, you could be throwing a lot more down the drain than waste water. If you have to move, the investment made in in the pool is lost to the house, and often means zero increase property value. Our range, however, is designed to be totally relocatable - if you move, so does your swim spa! Thanks to the sturdy construction and stainless steel frame of these products, our trained and experience staff can pick up and relocate your swim spa with all internal components in place.