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Riptide Swim Spas

With a comprehensive range of Swim Spas, Riptide has a model to suit you and your lifestyle. From the Hydros, with its compact hot tub and counter-current combination, right through to the heavyweight Poseidon which features a high specification hot tub married to a powerful exercise pool for vigorous exercise.

Warranty and Support

All of our Swim Spas come with installation and an 8 year limited warranty, leaving you to only worry about which model suits you best. Find out more about our warranty coverage.

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Riptide Poseidon XL

Riptide Poseidon XL

Riptide Poseidon XL Pro

Riptide Poseidon XL Pro


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Pillows supplied with exercise pools

Luxurious Interiors

The sculpted, ergonomic contours of the seating in Riptide's swim spas are designed to provide maximum comfort. The pools are supplied fitted with pillows, in colours to complement the shell and skirt combination selected.

High quality side panelling and fixings

Weatherproof Exteriors

The weatherproof, UV stable exterior panelling is designed with both vertical and horizontal slats, to make a more interesting cabinet. The panels are attached using stainless steel fittings, and each cabinet is complimented by the inclusion of a contrasting heavy-duty vinyl cover.




Optional Music System

A worthwhile investment would be to include the swim spa music system. The system includes four transducers plus Gecko In.Stream Blue tooth Music System to give you fantastic sound quality played directly from your bluetooth device

Swim Spa Steps

Step Options

We offer a variety of options for colour-matched steps based upon your needs, from the simple and stylish DuraSteps, to the fantastic SwimSpa 4xL steps (pictured right) which come equipped with double handrails and non-slip, extra deep depth top step for safety.