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Hot Tub Running Costs

One of the first questions asked by many of prospective spa owners is often about running costs. Riptide Spas were amongst the first to prove their energy efficiency, a statement affirmed..., a statement affirmed by the TÜV-certified test data which powers our handy running costs calculator.

How To Choose A Swim Spa or Exercise Pool

It can be daunting for new buyers to identify the advantaqes and disadvantages of the various types of swim spa and exercise pool on the market. We break things down and explain the differences between the various types of modern above ground pool available, including those with hot tub features, and those wihch are purely exercise pools.

How To Spa Maintenance Videos

In a collection of how-to videos hosted by our very own Wayne Hitchcock, we show you how to carry out some common spa maintenance tasks, from the simple, such as setting your spa to summertime mode, to complex tasks like replacing the control box on a HotSpring hot tub.