Tranquility Tribute

Tranquility Tribute
Tranquility Tribute

Tranquility Tribute 210 x 210 x 92 cm


  • CAPACITY: 5 persons
  • VOLUME: 980 ltr
  • WEIGHT DRY: 349 kg
  • DIMENSIONS: 210 x 210 x 92 cm
  • JETS: 49 hydrotherapy jets in 5 variations


  • POWER: 21amp
  • SHELL: Lucite™ Acrylic
  • FRAME: Treated wooden frame
  • CABINET: Low maintenance UV resistant PVC, Coastal Grey
  • COVER: Thermal Cover with alu foil
  • CONTROLS: Gecko IN.YE3 control system Gecko IN.K331 bar top control
  • HEATER: Gecko Hi Flow 3kw Heater
  • LIGHTING: Perimeter LED, multicolour lighting
  • WATER FEATURE: 2" cascade water fountain
  • INSULATION: Insulated foam shell and Thermo Lock insulation system
  • PUMPS: 2 x 3hp LX jet pump
  • CIRCULATION PUMP: Riptide silent circulation pump
  • SANITISER SYSTEM: High efficient mixed ozone sanitisation
  • FILTRATION: easy to clean in-spa filtration system high efficiency Blue Filter


    • AUDIO: Gecko In.Stream 2 Audio System
    • COMMUNICATION SYSTEM: Gecko In.Touch 2 Wifi Communication System
    • COVER LIFTER: Cover Mate EX
    • STEPS: 2 tier, colour matchable
    • CHEMICALS: Spa Starter Kit


    • COVER: Thermal Cover with alu foil, Grey

    Details on illustrations may vary to specifications listed

    Tranquility Series


    Ergonomic massage seats

    With Tranquility Series you get ergonomic lounge-, corner-, and standard massage seats.
    A variety of different hydrotherapy jets is installed in these comfortable massage seats.
    No matter where on your body you need a massage. These massage seats will do the job.

    Gecko IN.K450 & IN.K300 bar top control

    With the build in LCD control panels, you can regulate the temperature and the circulation.
    Lights and the massage pumps are regulated as well from these easy to use control systems.

    Shell- & Cabinet Colours

    With the purchase of a Tranquility model you can choose between three different shell colours.
    The cabinet is manufactured in Coastal Grey.

    Ozone sterilization

    This efficient and reliable sterilization system reliably kills germs, bacteria, mould and viruses. With this maintenance-free system you get hygienically clean water in no time.

    Insulated Cover

    Our included Cover in Grey is made with high insulating filling material. With the included clips you can strap down your cover to ensure your hot tub is completely tight. (Cabinet for illustration purposes)

    Platinum Thermo Lock System

    The Thermo Lock System ensures that the heat stays in your spa, saving you high energy costs. So you can always enjoy getting in an already warm hot tub.

    Optional Extras

    Gecko In.Stream 2 Audio System

    With the In.Stream 2 Audio system you'll get 2 x 65 W transducer and one subwoofer. This system will transform your hot tub into one big speaker.

    Gecko In.Touch 2 Communication System

    With the In.Touch 2 you can connect your spa to the internet and control almost everything from anywhere in the world.

    2 tier steps - colour matchable

    Our 2 tier steps will make getting in your hot tub as easy as relaxing in it. The colour will match perfectly the cabinet colour of your hot tub.

    Cover Mate EX - Cover Lifter

    The Cover Mate EX does exactly what you want a cover lifter to do, it helps you remove and replace the covers to your hot tub or swim spa with ease. (Cabinet for illustration purposes)

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