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Swim Rod Pole System

Swim rod system is an aftermarket alternative to more expensive counter-current jet swim spa systems. The device is a little like a very strong and sturdy fishing pole, which attaches to the shell or perimeter of your pool, and is anchored at 45 degrees to the back of the swimmer. The swimmer is tethered with strong, elasticated line via a comfortable Velcro belt which is secured to the swimmer's waist. The result is an incredible swim experience, where you can swim as hard or slow as you like in any style, while the Swim Rod keeps you gently positioned in the centre of the pool.

The Swim rod has sufficient flexibility to allow the swimmer to swim hard, and after each stroke it gently pulls you back into place. Many professional swimmers use the system and prefer it to swimming lengths or swimming against a counter current.

Only available as collection from our Chelmsford Showroom.