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Spa Foam Reducer 1l


It's best to avoid introducing detergents to your spa water, as this will encourage foam to form. If you are experiencing excessive foaming, you can reduce and inhibit foam build up in your hot tub with this Spa Foam Reducer.

You can avoid foam buildup by following the golden rules:

  • Shower before using your spa to remove detergents and soaps from your skin
  • Always use the same bathing costume when using your spa, and avoid cleaning this bathing costume in your washing machine

Following these two golden rules will prevent detergents from getting into the water.

Using Spa Foam Reducer

You can find a video on how to use the Spa Foam Reducer on our page on how to use chemicals.

Adding a few drops of Spa Foam Reducer directly to the water will cause foam to dissipate almost immediately.

COSHH / MSDS Safety Sheet