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Silver Hot Tub Service - Riptide product range only - £249.00

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SILVER HOT TUB SERVICE 3 hours, £25.00 each 1/4 hour thereafter

For more details or to book your appointment, please call us on 01245 265 036 option 2, or email

Whats included?

  •   Inspect all components
  •   Replace as necessary and faulty parts covered by warranty (parts and time permitting)
  •   Report to client on worn or defective parts not covered by warranty and agree cost of remedial work before proceeding in accordance with client's instructions (parts and time permitting)
  •   Inspect cover closing device if applicable
  •   Inspect cover, clean and treat with vinyl protector
  •   Inspect Ozone if applicable (accessory item)
  •   Descale Ozone if applicable
  •   Descale circulation pump
  •   Check Filters - degrease filters and clean with high pressure hose to remove calcium deposits
  •   Chlorinate Spa to clean possible bacteria from spa and pipes
  •   Drain and refill
  •   Test water and treat as necessary.