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Riptide Natural Spa Silver Ion Purifier

This is a replacement Nature 2 Silver Ion Purifier is for use with ALL hot tubs and spas, including hotspring, tiger river, limelight, hot spot and caldera spas. The silver ion cartridge in your spa should be replaced roughly every four months.

Silver has long been used as an antibacterial and disinfectant. They even use silver ions to sanitise the water on the International Space Station!

We recommend the use of silver ions for all owners of spas that can accommodate them, particularly those without ozone systems and those who use their hot tub regularly. Using them alongside an ozone system will certainly help maintain water clarity and keep bathers safe.

Reduced Rate Shipping

A purchase of one or two packs of Silver Ions qualifies for a reduced shipping rate of £3.50. The discount will be applied in your Cart automatically for qualifying purchases.