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Pool and Hot Tub Winterizing Service - Riptide product range only - £249.00

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Winter is actually the best time to get the most from your hot tub. However, not everyone likes to use their spa when the weather turns chilly. You’ve spent a lot of money purchasing your hot tub so how do you protect it from pipes freezing, frost and mildew damage?

Simple.. take advantage of Hot Tub Barn's comprehensive and professional Winterizing Service.

What's included?

  • Carry out a full electrical & mechanical check on all components
  • Drain down spa, removing water from pipes using a wet vac
  • Clean the inside shell of the spa & treat the vinyl lid with a protecting formulation
  • Clean filters with a degreasant and high pressure hose
  • Prepare spa for safe storage throughout the winter months, leaving it ready for you to just fill up when Spring arrives

More information

You and your hot tub are important to us and we want to look after you both, so if you want to winterize your hot tub correctly, take up our limited offer, £249 inc VAT (Service Area A). To check your Service Area and obtain a quotation, call us today on 01245 265036 (Option 2 at switchboard).