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Relax Spa Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner

Used weekly, this easy to use spray helps keep your filters in top condition.

  1. Quickly removes oils, minerals and debris

  2. "No Soak" formula

  3. Extends filter life


    You can find a video on how to use the Instant Filter Cleaner on out page on how to use chemicals.

    Wear protective glasses and rubber gloves while handling this product. Use with adequate ventilation. Remove D.E. or cartridge filter element from filter casing. Rinse off loose materials on element. Thoroughly saturate filter element with water. Spray cleaner over total surface area of the filter element for maximum effect. Wait 3-6 minutes. Rinse element THOROUGHLY with hose (foaming may occur if filter element is not completely rinsed). Heavily soiled filter elements may need a second application. Removes scale, minerals, dead algae, body oils and other debris.

    COSHH / MSDS Safety Sheet