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Gold Hot Tub Service - Riptide product range only - £349.00

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GOLD HOT TUB SERVICE 4 hours, £25.00 each 1/4 hour thereafter

For more details or to book your appointment, please call us on 01245 265036 option 2, or email

This service has been especially tailored for spas that have been either dormant or empty for a long period, or after prolonged/heavy use.

  •  Inspect all components
  •  Replace as necessary and faulty parts covered by warranty (parts and time permitting)
  •  Report to client on worn or defective parts not covered by warranty and agree cost of remedial work before proceeding in accordance with client's instructions (parts and time permitting)
  •  Inspect cover closing device if applicable
  •  Inspect cover, clean and treat with vinyl protector
  •  Inspect Ozone if applicable (accessory item)
  •  Descale Ozone if applicable
  •  Descale circulation pump
  •  Check Filters - degrease filters and clean with high pressure hose to remove calcium deposits
  •  Chlorinate spa to clean possible bacteria from spa and pipes
  •  System Cleaner as required
  •  Drain and refill - repeat if necessary
  •  Test water and treat as necessary