Blue Horizons Ultimate Floating Dispenser 720g

Blue Horizons ultimate floating dispenser 720g

Blue Horizons Ultimate Floating Dispenser 720g

The Blue Horizons Ultimate Floating Dispenser is a convenient solution for sanitising your pool or spa water, as it comes prefilled with stabilised chlorine tablets that dissolve gradually over a period of 3-5 weeks. This makes it very useful if you're unable to maintain the water spa regularly, or for keeping things in check while you are away from home.

The tablets inside this floating dispenser are a potent source of stabilised chlorine, formulated to keep loss of chlorine through sunlight to a minimum, along with a water clarifier to help keep your spa water clean and clear. This dispenser is ideal for keeping bacteria and algae under control.

How to Use

Before using the dispenser, ensure your pH is at the desired level of 7.2 - 7.6 pH, which will work to aid bather comfort and avoid skin irritation. You may also need to shock does the water beforehand, to get some chlorine into the water more quickly, due to the slow release action of the tablets in the dispenser.

When you're ready to use it, grip the base of the dispenser and twist to open the holes, following the instructions on the container to decide which size to open them up to. The larger the holes, the more water will flow across the tablets, and the faster they will dissolve, so it's important to use the right setting for your pool or spa capacity.

Place the dispenser upright in the water, and hold it for a few seconds until the cartridge fills with water, but don't submerge it completely or block the holes.

Once the container is spent (usually within 3-5 weeks), it will tilt over to the side indicating that its time to replace with a new one. Before disposal, remove the base of the dispenser and put any remaining tablets in the weir or skimmer basket of your pool or spa.

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