What are the Considerations When Buying a Hot Tub?

Buying a hot tub can be incredibly exciting. However, before you can start relaxing in your tub, you have some important decisions to make, from where you’ll place it to how many jets you want it to have. Read on to discover the key considerations when buying a hot tub.

Placement of Your Hot Tub

There’s no point buying a hot tub if you don’t know where you’ll put it in your garden. You need to know this in advance to ensure a smooth set-up process upon delivery. The area you choose for your tub is crucial to how it will function and how enjoyable your spa experience will be. You not only need privacy from nosy neighbours but having a convenient entrance and exit not too far from your back door is essential.

You should also aim to avoid placing your hot tub under trees and out of the window. This will reduce the risk of falling leaves ending up in the water, leaving the water clearer and reducing the strain on the tub’s filter.

Size and Number of Seats

Once you know where you’ll put your new hot tub, it’s time to consider its size and number of seats. When thinking about size, you not only need to determine if it will fit into the intended space in 

your garden but also how you intend to use it. Is it just for you and your partner or do you plan on hosting a hot tub party for friends in the summer? If you want to socialise in your tub, you’ll need to ensure it is large enough and has sufficient seats for everyone. This will ensure that no one has to wait because every seat in the hot tub is already taken.

Number of Jets

Hot tubs can come with different numbers of jets, ranging from 50 to 300. However, whilst you might assume that the more jets your hot tub has, the better the experience you’ll receive, this isn’t always true. Quantity doesn’t always equal quality, with the placement of the jets usually considered a more important factor. In a hot tub from Hot Tub Barn, the hydrotherapy jets are positioned exactly where they need to be to achieve the perfect massage.

Features and available accessories

The newest hot tubs on the market come with an impressive range of features and optional accessories. However, you’ll need to consider which you need and which you can do without when shopping for your perfect spa. For example, do you require multicolour lighting, Bluetooth capabilities, a state of the art audio system or pretty water features? Deciding what your must-haves are will help you to select the right hot tub.

To buy a hot tub that reflects your needs perfectly, get in touch with the team at Hot Tub Barn. We have a fantastic knowledge of the spas in our range, allowing us to provide expert advice and guidance to help you to select the right tub for your garden.