The must have hot tub accessories

There are few things more enjoyable than a relaxing soak in a hot tub. However, with the right accessories, you can make the experience even more pleasurable. State of the art audio systems, comfy pillows and steps can all help you to turn your spa session up a few notches. Read on to discover the must-have hot tub accessories right now.

Audio system for Hot Tubs

A hot tub session just isn’t quite the same without your favourite music serenading you. Whether you’re relaxing on your own or with your partner or having a party with friends, the right music can really enhance the experience. At Hot Tub Barn, we offer the Gecko In.Stream 2 audio system for spas. With a transducer speaker system and subwoofer integrated into the frame, you can enjoy music whenever you’re soaking in your tub.

Steps for Hot Tubs

When talking about must-have accessories for hot tubs, we can’t ignore a good set of steps. Steps allow you to enter and exit the tub easily and safely, helping you to avoid falls. They are particularly useful for children or the elderly who may find it harder to get in and out of the tub. A two or three-

tier step is ideal for most spas. Check the height of your hot tub before deciding which steps to purchase to ensure they are suitable.

Pillows for Hot Tubs

If you want to make your hot tub experience even more relaxing, we recommend investing in some decent pillows. Butterfly pillows and waist pillows are popular options, providing plenty of support and comfort for users. The pillows in our range are very simple to use, fitting easily onto the retainers on your hot tub.

Life Spa Booster Seat

The right booster seat can vastly improve your spa experience by keeping you safely and comfortably anchored in your seat. Some people – particularly children and lighter, petite adults – find themselves being pushed upwards by the powerful jets, floating out of their desired position. If you can relate, it makes sense to invest in a Life Spa booster seat. Suitable for all hot tubs and with adjustable size and firmness, it’s the ideal accessory for your spa.

Cover Mate Ex

Many hot tub users are investing in the Cover Mate Ex. Convenient and simple to use, this accessory makes removing and replacing your spa’s cover an easier and quicker task. Constructed from robust reinforced aluminium, you can expect to offer your tub the protection it needs whilst withstanding the effects of the elements over the months and years.

A cover lifter is ideal for anyone who struggles to manoeuvre their cover. While hot tub covers usually aren’t heavy, they tend to be quite bulky and can be difficult to remove without assistance.

These must-have accessories for your hot tub are guaranteed to make your spa experience even better than it already is. For further information about our hot tub accessories, get in touch with our friendly team today. We have expert knowledge of the products in our range, allowing us to provide the advice that you need.