Spa Warranties from Hot Tub Barn

No call-out fees or other hidden charges

Not only does our warranty cover you for parts during the warranty period, it covers you for on-site service or removal back to our workshops at our expense. By contrast, some other retailers charge call out charges of up to £150 for warranty work, and also charge if your spa needs to be removed for repair.

Going the extra mile

At Hot Tub Barn we make your warranty problem a reason to recommend us. By answering the phone promptly, by getting out to you quickly, and by keeping the majority of parts required on our repair vehicle we can, in most cases, repair your hot tub on the same visit.

Identifying the problem

Should anything go wrong, we would first establish on the telephone what the likely cause of the problem might be. Often, problems like no heat, no ozone bubbles are easily sorted out by cleaning the filter, or filters. It is very likely we would ask you to check these first before we dispatched an engineer as a service visit caused by poor maintenance would not be covered under the terms of the warranty and the engineer's time would need to be billed.

Having identified the possible cause of the fault on the phone, we would normally expect to get an engineer out within seven days, and unless we require an unusual part we expect to repair most faults on the first visit.

What about leaks?

Leaks are very rare. In the event of a leak, we will attend as soon as we can to assess the problem. If it is simply tightening up a fixing or seal, we should be able to do this at this time. If it is a more serious leak, we will probably need to drain the spa down to do the repair, leave the glue joints to dry for 24 hours, and then return to re-commission. This kind of repair often requires more than one engineer and will need more planning.

Further Info

If you need further information on your warranty please contact us and we will be happy to send you any information that you need.

Request Information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please send us your details below and we will contact you.


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