How Much are Hot Tub Running Costs?

Many companies make spurious claims about the running costs of their hot tubs, and there are very few that can prove the low energy consumption of their products.

Use the Tranquility Series or the Starlight Platinum Collection for 6 x 30 minute sessions per week with a maintained water temperature of 39°C, and the average weekly electricity running cost starts from £5-£10 per week. This figure is based on the average weekly cost, worked out over a one year period, with the spa installed outdoors in the UK.

What Makes Our Hot Tubs Energy Efficient?

Riptide hot tubs are one of the most energy efficient spas on the market today. Which can mean substantially lower running costs because of the total insulation you get with a Riptide.

Energy Efficient by Design

Riptide spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs because of a few key factors:

  • Multiple layers of foam inside the spa cabinet which reduce heat loss to a minimum
  • Low current SilentFlow circulation pumps which give round the clock filtration, whilst consuming less energy than a domestic 75W light bulb
  • Equipment compartment specially laid out to route warm air from running gear back into the system to reduce energy required heat the water.
  • Tailored to fit covers with high density foam which creates a seal against the hot tub shell, minimising heat loss
  • Spa water temperature is kept at a regular temperature, which stops an energy wasting cooling and heating cycle

Minimising Waste

Riptide is always striving to find new ways of lessening the impact their activities have on the environment, particularly during the manufacturing process, these include:

  • Powering manufacturing using their own on-location generators, which lessen the load on the local power grid
  • Giving back waste and excess material used in hot tub sidings given to suppliers, for further use and recycling
  • Spare material after forming Riptide hot tub shells ground and reused by suppliers
  • Waste metals taken to a recycling depot to be reused in new and useful items
  • All brochures and marketing printed on recycled paper