COVID-19 (Coronavirus) delivery information

Covid 19 delivery

Can I still receive delivery of my hot tub or pool?

Yes. Home deliveries are continuing to take place for all kinds of large items like hot tubs and pools.

Businesses such as ours need to keep operating as long as we are not increasing the risk to our employees or customers, so there will be some rules in place to allow us to continue.

You will receive a pre-delivery call and will be asked the following:

Have you or anybody living at this address displayed possible coronavirus symptoms resulting in any of you having to self isolate?

If yes - the delivery will be cancelled and re-booked for at least 14 days later.

If no - please read on.

Before we arrive at your property please mark out exactly where you expect the hot tub or pool to be sited. You could use chalk or paint, or place broom handles on the edges of the spot you have in mind. On arrival at your property we will phone to let you know we are there so you can open gates etc. Once you have done this, please go back into your house and phone us back on the mobile number we called you on to allow us to proceed with your delivery.

Once the hot tub or pool is set up and working, we will use chlorinated water to wash over the cover, cover handles and skirt to ensure its fully sanitized and safe after this we will leave a clipboard by your back door along with a spa care kit and call you to sign for the delivery. With our delivery staff standing well back, please sign the paperwork and go back inside your house to allow us to collect the paperwork and leave. After we have departed you should receive a call from one of our team to explain water care. You can then expect to be relaxing in your hot tub or exercising in your pool within 24 hours.

Thank you for your understanding.

The above information is in line with Public Health England advice.