Inground Swim Spa construction process

It's not often we have a detailed pictorial of the entire process of fitting one of our swim spas in-ground, so when this set of photographs landed in the inbox we had to share it with you.

Have a browse through the images below to gain a bit of insight into the steps taken to create this stunning contemporary exercise pool install.

The site before work commences

The site before work commences, cleared and ready to proceed.

The pit is dug

First the pit is dug, and the base is laid to concrete.

The pit is strenghened with concrete blocks

The pit is then strengthened and reinforced with concrete blocks.

a crane is called to hoist the pool over the fence

Next up, the crane is called into action to hoist the pool carefully over the hedge and property.

The pool is lowered into the pit

Engineers work with the crane team to carefully lower the pool into position in the pit.

Engineers check if things are level and true

The install engineers check once the swim spa is in position to ensure things are level and true.

Timber is laid on top

Joists for the decking are put into position ready for the timber to be laid on top.

The runners for the sliding and the cover are installed.

With the decking in place, the runners for the sliding cover are installed, followed by the cover itself. Meanwhile, the summerhouse and changing area takes shape in the background.

The decking is fitted to the top of the cover

The next step is to fit the decking to the top of the cover itself.

 changing rooms are ready for exteriot cladding and glazing

Decking almost complete, and the changing rooms ready for exterior cladding and glazing.

The last timber cladding is fitted

Final checks before the last of the timber cladding is fitted to clean up the visible concrete blocks.

almost done

Everything working great, and the changing area glazed and looking fantastic.

the final cladding is fitted

Time to fit the final cladding around the concrete blocks, we're almost done.

finally done

Et voilĂ , we're finished!