Infinity 160 Luxury Hot Tub

Designed to fit in smaller spaces

Are you looking for a compact, practical pool and still don't want to do without the highest level of comfort? Then you will love the Infinity 160 Luxury. 3 massage places incl. a lounger seat offer with a total of 32 jets an individually adjustable massage. Enjoy with your family and friends a unique wellness experience. With the beautiful colours of the underwater light and the splashing of water fountains you can let your soul dangle.

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Infinity 360 Luxury Hot Tub

Cleverly designed - high capacity and yet compact

The Infinity 360 Luxury combines perfect ergonomics, elegant design and the latest manufacturing processes. The five massage places, the water features and sound options will make every pool session with your loved ones an unforgettable experience. The high performance technology of our Infinity pools ensures that your water remains crystal clear.

Infinity 560 Luxury Hot Tub

Generously sized seats - made with families in mind

The INFINITY 560 is the all-rounder with a small footprint. It is ideal for all those who want it to be more compact and comfortable. With its 43 massage jets, it can keep up easily with the bigger models of the Infinity Series. With certain extras, such as the water games and the multi-light function, it not only enchants children but also offers everyone a pleasant pastime.

Infinity 760 Luxury Hot Tub

Gentle and energizing at the same time

Gentle to the spine and energizing to the muscles. The nozzles of the Infinity 760 Luxury are arranged so that your spine is not massaged directly. However, your muscles and connective tissue are massaged and loosened by the powerful pumps. Despite its size, it is a real masterpiece in energy saving and it guarantees crystal clear water the whole time.

Infinity 770 Luxury Hot Tub

Comfort on the highest level

Even more massage jets offer even more pampering from head to toe. Immerse yourself and quickly release your tension. You can improve your physical well-being by adjusting the massage program to suit your needs in a variety of ways. The Platinum Lock insulation system keeps the heat in the pool and thus saves
you a lot of money.

Infinity 830 Luxury Hot Tub

A haven of peace and strength

The Infinity 830 Luxury will enable you to get away from the stresses of the everyday life and let yourself go in the generously designed seating or lying comfort. Up to 57 jets pamper you with a foot, neck, back and leg massage. Your head can be placed on the newly designed neck pillow.

With the adjustable jets you can adjust the massage experience to your needs. The Platinum Lock insulation system and the highly insulating cover guarantee even with this demanding size a cost-effective all-year-round use.