How to Prepare your Hot Tub for Spring 2022

Although most people use their hot tub all year round, many people find Spring to be the perfect time to enjoy a dip in the warm water. However, before you slip under the bubbles and begin soaking your stresses away, you’ll need to prepare your spa to ensure it’s safe and pleasant to use. If your hot tub has been winterised for months over winter, this is essential. Read on to find out how to prepare your hot tub for spring 2022.

Top tips for preparing your hot tub in Spring

Your hot tub can become dirty and unhygienic over the Winter months if neglected, and so failing to clean it adequately in Spring can cause bacteria build up and potential diseases that can be easily eliminated by following the correct procedures. Fortunately, preparing your hot tub isn’t that difficult. If you follow the correct steps, you can enhance your hot tub experience greatly by making it safe and enjoyable to use.

Flush, drain and refill the hot tub

If the hot tub is full Flush, drain and refill it. Use a spa system flush to remove unwanted build-up in the tub’s plumbing. This will include special hot tub chemicals designed to purge bacteria, scum, and other dirt that may have built up in the lines and pipes over the months. If your spa has been emptied and Winterized, make sure it’s clean before refilling it with water. Clean out the insides of the pipes too since there may be some stagnant water inside of them. Add fresh water and flush the tub then drain the water and refill it again.

Thoroughly clean the hot tub

Before you add fresh water to the hot tub, we recommend giving it a very thorough surface clean. Choose a hot tub surface cleaner that has anti-bacterial properties but is gentle on the tub’s surfaces. This will keep it clean and hygienic but without causing any damage. Don’t forget to clean the cover too, both inside and out, since this can be a common location for mould to develop.

Inspect the hot tub’s equipment

Before you start using your hot tub in Spring, check the equipment. If you disconnected the plumbing over Winter, reconnect it to the pump and the heater. You should also check the plastic wet end pump and motors. Look out for any leaking since this can cause water to seep in and damage the motor. In this instance you might want to book a service before the busy season. Check and clean your filters. If you can see any fraying or material coming away this is a good sign you need to replace the filter. To shop for chemicals for your hot tub, browse our website. At Hot Tub Barn, we stock a fantastic range of hot tub chemicals at highly competitive prices. Talk to our team to get the expert advice you need.