How energy efficient and eco-friendly are Riptide Hot Tubs?

What makes Riptide Spas Energy Efficient

Relaxing in your hot tub can prove difficult when the bills it produces are anything but. Riptide hot tubs are truly the most energy efficient spas on the market today, meaning substantially lower running costs than others. Whilst some hot tub manufacturers claim to fully foam their spas, quite often the foam used is low density, which has far less benefit than the total insulation you get with a Riptide.

Energy Efficient by Design

Riptide spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market today, because of a few key factors:

  • Multiple layers of foam inside the spa cabinet which reduce heat loss to a minimum
  • Low current SilentFlo pumps which give round the clock filtration, whilst consuming less energy than a domestic 75W light bulb
  • Equipment compartment specially laid out to route warm air from running gear back into the system to reduce energy required heat the water.
  • Tailored to fit covers with high density foam which creates a seal against the hot tub shell, minimising heat loss
  • Spa water temperature is kept at a regular temperature, which stops an energy wasting cooling and heating cycle

    How much does is cost to run a hot tub ?

    Calculating the monthly cost to run a hot tub is dependant on spa model, running temperature chosen, how often the jets are used, the ambient temperature, and the price of electricity in your area.

    What makes Riptide Spas Eco-Friendly?

    Energy Efficient Spas

    Riptide has always been market leaders in the manufacture of energy efficient hot tubs, as they understand the need to lessen the impact on both the environment, and the purse. With a greater pressure for awareness of environmental issues nowadays, we feel it's important to highlight the reasons Riptide spas are the Greenest choice.

    Natural Water Care Options

    The environmentally friendly integrated water care systems inside Riptide hot tubs ensure that spa water is kept much cleaner, for much longer. this is due to certain design features, including..

    • Riptide hot tubs feature 100% water filtration, meaning no water passes through the system without passing through the filter
    • Filters with Tri-X technology, a patented design which utilises an enhanced 3D surface area, boosting filtration potential and extending filter life
    • Integrated ozone system by Freshwater which neutralises any water contaminants, which greatly reduced the need for harsh and expensive chemicals to sanitise water
    • Optional continuous silver ion based FreshWater Ag+® sanitation system, which uses cutting edge technology to sanitise spa water using environmentally sound methods, without chlorine
    • Optional AutoFresh® water care setup which uses the latest technology to give another zero-chlorine sanitising option for your spa water

    Minimising Waste

    Riptide is always striving to find new ways of lessening the impact their activities have on the environment, by minimising waste, particularly during the manufacturing process, these include..

    • Powering manufacturing using their own on-location generators, which lessen the load on the local power grid
    • Giving back waste and excess material used in hot tub sidings given to suppliers, for further use and recycling
    • Spare material after forming Riptide hot tub shells ground and reused by suppliers
    • Waste metals taken to a recycling depot to be reused in new and useful items
    • All brochures and marketing printed on recycled paper

      A Greener Hot Tub Company

      Here at Hot Tub Barn, we wholeheartedly support schemes to make what we do more environmentally friendly as part of our business strategy. We try our best to contribute to the greater good with green initiatives in many areas, including: 

      • Working towards paperless administration, with recycling of necessary paper
      • Encouraging customers to download brochures rather than sending hard copies
      • Building and selling products which are manufactured from materials with low environmental impact
      • Reducing the environmental impact of our business activities
      • Engaging in Green causes and schemes to lessen our environmental impact
      • Recycling used hot tubs, spas and other unwanted accessories for customers

      In the modern era, there is an almost universally held desire to do what's right for future generations. We understand this extends to goods and services purchased, which is why we are conscious of using suppliers and companies that are pro-active in their efforts to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.

      At Hot Tub Barn we strive to lessen the impact of our products and services.