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Hot Tub Barn Atherstone Showroom

If you are looking for top-quality hot tubs in Atherstone, look no further than our showroom. Recently opened, we are looking forward to helping customers from throughout the local area to find the perfect hot tubs to meet their needs. You will find an impressive range of Riptide hot tubs and swim spas for sale, and you can relax in the knowledge that we also offer delivery and installation. We provide a full service here at Ultimate Hot Tubs, with our friendly team on hand to assist you from start to finish!

See our Hot Tubs in Action

Since a hot tub will be a major purchase, it is important to see them in action before you decide which to spend your money on. That is why we offer private test soak facilities on a select range of pools or premium hot tubs to allow you to try our tubs first-hand. As you slip under the warm, bubbling water, you will find out how a hot tub performs, learning not just how it works, but the many benefits it can bring to your life. Trying a hot tub is a great way to understand what you are buying and compare the different models you are considering.

Get Expert Advice

Buying a hot tub is not always an easy task, especially with so many options to choose from. Fortunately, our experienced team are on hand to show you around our impressive hot tub showroom in Atherstone. We have expert knowledge of the different models in our range and can provide you with all the information you need during the purchasing process. We can also offer advice on accessories, filters, and chemicals, making sure you have all you need to enjoy the ultimate hot tub experience.

Hot Tub Maintenance and Servicing

To keep your hot tub performing its best for years to come, you will need to maintain it to a high standard. We can provide full servicing for hot tubs in Atherstone, with our team on hand to ensure they stay clean, hygienic, and working optimally for years to come. For guidance on caring for your hot tub, do not hesitate to ask us when you visit our showroom.

Visit our hot tub showroom in Atherstone today to browse our fantastic range!