Atlantis 4.6 Elite Luxury - Atlantis 4.6 Elite Premium

The Atlantis 4.6 models allow you to enjoy the full benefits of our top end swimming system even when space may be limited. Perfect for every kind of swimmer. It doesn't matter if you are beginner or competitive swimmer. 

The Elite Premium models feature an additional variable speed drive to change the speed of the water counter current to suit every kind of swimmer.

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Atlantis 6.0 Elite Luxury - Atlantis 6.0 Elite Premium

With its deep, extra wide shell, the Atlantis 6.0 is the ultimate pool for exercise or for just relaxing after your workout. The elegant steps across one end makes entry into the Atlantis very easy.

With an ultra efficient heating, filtration and corona discharge ozone system, the water is always warm and crystal clear and ready for a swim anytime.

In addition to the Atlantis 6.0 Elite Luxury the Elite Premium model feature a variable speed drive to change the speed for every kind of swimmer.

Nautilus 6.0 Elite Luxury / Elite Premium Inground

Especially designed to easily install in the ground!

Experience a perfect combination of power and beauty in the Nautilus 6.0 Elite Luxury and Nautilus 6.0 Elite Premium in-ground exercise pools. Built to provide a pool for competitive swimmers through to family play, the Nautilus is easy to install and own.

The addition of a variable 10 speed drive in the Nautilus 6.0 Elite Premium model allows the swimmer to select the best water speed for their fitness level and stroke.