How Do I Choose Which Type of Swim Spa or Exercise Pool to Buy?

Swim Spas generally fall in to five main categories:

 Single chamber swim spas are full specification hot tubs that also feature counter current jets and a pool space to swim. Perfect for fitting into tight spaces, on deck or in ground.

 Exercise pools which only have a counter current, but can be matched to a separate spa/Hot tub in the same colour but are not connected.

 Combination Pools feature two volumes of water with a fully featured hot tub and an exercise pool with powerful counter current jets. 

 Colossus pools have been designed for when only the best and biggest will do.
Owning a 8m pool mean

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So which one do i choose?

Aqua Life 3.5 Elite | Aqua Life 4.4 Elite Luxury | Aqua Life 4.4 Elite Premium | Aqua Life 5.5 Elite Luxury Aqua Life 5.5 Elite Premium | Poseidon 4.4 Elite Luxury | Poseidon 4.4 Elite Premium | Poseidon 5.5 Elite Luxury | Poseidon 5.5 Elite Premium

Spas with counter currents in one volume of water are very popular, mainly because you can move from the spa end to the counter current end without getting out. Many of these spas can seat up to 5 or 6 people plus swimmer. The drawback is that when there is one volume of water, the water temperature may not be optimum for both relaxing and swimming at the same time. To elaborate, if you are going to relax in a hot tub you need the temperature up above 37C, however if you are serious about swimming, you may find this too hot. These pools offer great value but require you to prioritise your use of them.

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Combination Pools

Aqua Life 6.0 Duo Elite Luxury | Aqua Life 6.0 Duo Elite Premium | Poseidon 6.0 Duo Elite Luxury | Poseidon 6.0 Duo Elite Premium

The spa and counter current swimming pool in one unit, but with two separate volumes of water, is a better option if you are going to do some serious swimming. In this pool you can adjust the swimming end temperature down to say 28C, which will mean you can exercise for an extended period and not get over hot. When you have had enough you can slide over the wall into the hot tub and relax in much warmer water. The two separate ends have independent heating and filtration, and the cover allows you to open either just the swimming pool with the counter current, just the hot tub, or both at the same time.

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Exercise Pools

Atlantis 4.6 Elite Luxury | Atlantis 4.6 Elite Premium | Atlantis 6.0 Elite Luxury | Atlantis 6.0 Elite Premium | Nautilus 6.0 Elite Luxury | Nautilus 6.0 Elite Premium

Dedicated exercise pools are designed for people to swim in. There are no seats, there are no blowers, making its whole purpose exercise. These pools are deeper and offer a superb swim experience, with wide mouth, high power, turbulence free counter-current jets. If you want to have a hot tub as well you can choose from our premier Starlight PlatinumInfinity Luxury or Infinity Platinum series, and the pool and spa can be colour matched and positioned in your garden to suit your requirements.

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Colossus Pools

Athena 8.0 Elite Luxury | Athena 8.0 Elite Premium | Athena 8.0 Duo Elite Luxury | Athena 8.0 Duo Elite Premium | Athena 9.0 Duo Elite Luxury | Athena 9.0 Duo Elite Premium 

Colossus Swim Spas are the biggest models we have in our collection. These vary from one volume of water and two volumes of water. Riptide is one of the very few companies with the cutting edge tools and equipment required to vacuum form a pool this long and this deep. The beautiful, elegant lines of your colossus pool will brighten the dullest day, and at night the colour changing water edge lighting will turn your swim spa into an inviting, warm aquatic exercise and play area. 

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