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Hot Tub Moto-Massage Parts

Find the right replacement part - To determine which Moto-Massage parts are right for your Spa or Hot Tub please browse this table:

ManufacturerDate of ManufacturePart No.Part Type
HotSpringPre 199770319Moto-Massage Assy
70307Air tube W/ O-ring
1997 - Current (single)70319White MotoMassage Assy
71262Cool Grey MotoMassage Assy
73307Warm Grey MotoMassage Assy
71897Taupe MotoMassage Assy
70307Air tube W/ O-ring
2005 - Current (dual)73541*Cool Grey MotoMassage Assy
73542*Warm Grey MotoMassage Assy
Solana1998 - Current71897Taupe
71262Cool Grey
73307Warm Grey

*kit contains one moto jet arm assembly. Airline ordered separately

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