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Hot Tub and Swim Spa Installation, Transport and Removal

Download our installation guides to help you prepare your base or pit.

A Hiab Hot Tub Delivery

How We Install or Relocate Your Spa Safely

Hot Tub Barn and our staff have been carefully installing, moving and transporting hot tubs and swim spas all over the UK since 1996. We own our own 7.5T Hiab-equipped truck, which is capable of moving two hot tubs, or a hot tub and building.

We also have our own three spa trailers and a 16ft flatbed delivery truck for jobs where a large vehicle won't be able to go, and a larger Hiab equipped truck for the installation of swim spas and exercise pools. Whichever means of transport we use you can be assured that we are fully insured and extremely careful with your spa during its journey to its new home. Deliveries or spa moves which require the 7.5t Hiab have a £50 surcharge added to the job cost, to cover the extra costs related to the maintenance and insurance of the vehicle and Hiab lift arm.

If you are in our service area we are happy to quote you (see below) for relocating your hot tub, we are all set up to move Riptide and Hotspring products, and may be able to help with other brands. During our busy Summer season we may have difficulty in fitting you in so please give us as much time as possible.

A Successful Relocation

Phil Ranson, Managing Director Premier Fire Systems Limited

"I would just like to thank you for a fantastic 1st class service. I called you on Saturday as I needed my hot tub relocated, a courteous lady says really sorry but the delivery side of the company is not open till Monday 9am, but she is sure you can help me. I call at 9am and Huw calls me back at 10am as promised, gives me two delivery slots and I pick one. The engineers that are picking up the tub keep me updated throughout the day and say they will be there at 3.30pm and turn up at 3.30pm. They professionally assess what is required and get the tub on the truck safely and securely. They then deliver the tub over decking, grass, gravel, an apple tree(!), and two lots on fence panels, no damage and nothing was an issue. From your office staff to your engineers you are a fantastic company and I would highly recommend you to anyone."

Our Vehicle Specifications

Hot Tub Barn HIAB ready to install a new hot tub

 Hot Tub Hiab      Swim Spa Hiab
Lorry Length 8.43m - 27' 8" 10.05m - 33' 6"
Height 3.51m - 11' 6" 3.6m - 12' 9"
Width 2.75m - 9' 2.5" 2.4m - 8' 3"
Legs Extended 4.6m - 15' 1" 7.3m - 24' 3"
One Leg Extended 1.32m - 4' 5" 2.4m - 9' 2.5"
Hiab Arm No Extensions    6.4m - 21' 12.44m - 41' 2" (2T max)
Weight Empty   16.7T + weight of pool


Important: An extra 2" width and 5" of height has to be allowed on top of the spa measurements to compensate for the use of trolleys.


Craning in a Swim Spa over housesSwim Spa Deliveries

Weights of a typical swim spa vary from about 600kg up to 1400kg. These weights mean its impossible to push or lift your swim spa manually, so deliveries nearly always require either a hiab equipped truck or a crane to lift the pool to its destination.

On an average summer week we normally install a couple of pools using a crane - it's every day work for Hot Tub Barn techs and the crane companies. We appreciate that the thought of a 1400 kg pool going over the roof of your house is quite a scary proposition, but in 20 years of installing both pools and hot tubs with cranes, we have never had a single mishap.

  • First, we only recommend quality crane companies and we do not recommend cash-only, one man crane operators.
  • Secondly, we are on-site during the entire installation, and communicate directly to the crane driver via a radio or telephone through out the whole process. We take great care to get the pool or spa in on time and within budget, and with no damage to property or drive.

What are the potential issues with installation?

It is very rare that we cannot get a pool or hot tub into your property. Things that slow up the process are telephone or electricity cables, which may need to be temporarily removed to allow the crane to operate safely.

Closing the road temporarily to make way for our crane

In addition, if there is not space on your drive for the crane to work it will have to go in the road. If you live on a small side road this may not be a problem, and no permission may be needed, however, the more major the road, the greater the likelihood that the road will need to be closed temporarily during the lift. This would normally involve both the police and the local authority, and there may be a small fee to pay. We've always succeeded in getting permission, agreeing a suitable time, and arranging everything to happen smoothly.

Our most challenging crane jobs in recent years have been to close Piccadilly Circus and crane a Hot Tub and grand piano up to a roof terrace. We also arranged for a closure of London's South Circular road at 3am, with both police and local authority approval, to put in a Riptide Nautilus Pro. All went smoothly and the jobs were completed on time.

Installing a Spa Shelter or Cabin

Our spa cabins are flat packed and carefully wrapped in small manageable sections. Whenever you order a building please rest assured that providing there is foot access from our delivery truck to the build location, we will be able to carry the pieces section by section.

After the installation Hot Tub Barn technicians always remove the wrappings, cartons and wooden pallets leaving your garden as it was before we arrived.

Spa Removal and Transport Services

Spa Moves - repairs and services

If your spa needs work carrying out on it, then during the spa move might be a good time for us to do so. If this suits you better then we can pick up your hot tub, bring it back to our repair centre, and once serviced or repaired then bring it on to your new address.

Spa moves are priced at £95 per hour for 2 men with a 7.5T Hiab-equipped truck.

Working out the cost of the spa move

The cheapest way to get your spa moved is to contact us in plenty of time and get us to pick it up when we are next in the area. This way you are only paying for our time to wrap your hot tub, put it on the truck and drive it to our secure warehouse, then on the delivery side again to wait until we are next in the area of your new home for us to deliver it. Again you will only pay for the time we spend unloading and putting it into place.

Urgent door to door Spa moves

We are more than happy to move fast for you, to pick up and deliver door to door. Using Auto Route and Google Maps, we can give you an accurate price that will include our time to your address and then our return to our base. You may find a man and a van that will quote you less, but experience, the correct equipment and full insurance should be top of your priorities when you consider who to use to move your spa.