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Get CASH for your Used HotSpring Hot Tub

We pay cash for Used HotSpring, HotSpot, Tiger River, Limelight, Sanum or Solana Hot Tubs.

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Incredibly professional if you want to sell your Hot Tub

"I wanted to sell my Hot tub for no other reason than i wanted the space for something else. I saw Hot Tub Barn on-line and contacted them with a description and a photo. Within a day, a no quibble price was agreed ( which I was very impressed with ) and a date for pick up within a week. The Finance team kept me in the loop all the way and were incredibly friendly. When the guys arrived they were incredibly professional, friendly and efficient...the whole process took no more than an hour. Whilst they were still here, the money was transferred into my account....all in all a very efficient service

if you want to sell your hot tub....I would recommend these guys highly"

We will give you a CASH offer for your Hot Tub

If you're looking to upgrade your Spa, or are just looking to utilise the space in your garden differently, we will make an offer on your HotSpring, HotSpot, Tiger River, Sanum or Solana hot tub.

We will arrange REMOVAL at your convenience

Our service team will arrive, uninstall your Hot Tub, and leave your garden neat & tidy. If you're having a new Spa fitted, this can all happen on the same day, saving a huge headache.

We will RECYCLE your Hot Tub

If your Spa is in serviceable condition we will renovate it, fitting new parts and giving it a new lease of life - saving it from clogging up your local landfill.

How do I get an offer?

If you have a used HotSpring, HotSpot, Tiger River, Limelight, Sanum or Solana hot tub and would like an offer from us, please send the details of your Spa in an email, along with a digital photograph if possible, to and we will contact you asap.

As we are HotSpring specialists, we cannot make an offer on other hot tubs not specifically listed here. Please avoid disappointment by avoiding emailing us about other manufacturer's spas.

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