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Warranty & Support

We've been selling quality hot tubs since 1996, and have always taken pride in offering the highest standards of customer service and after-sales care in the industry. We are one of the few UK hot tub retailers with our own, highly trained, experienced in-house delivery and service team (we do not out source our delivery service or warranty work)- so while we do sell the most reliable spas available, we've also got you covered if your hot tub does skip a beat. Find out more about our warranty coverage.


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The Prestige Elan Spa

Prestige Elan

The Prestige Chancellor Spa

Prestige Chancellor

The Prestige President Spa

Prestige President

The Prestige Monarch Spa

Prestige Monarch

The Prestige Ambassador

Prestige Ambassador

The Prestige Regent Spa

Prestige Regent

The Prestige Excelsior Spa

Prestige Excelsior

Prestige Viceroy

Prestige Viceroy


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