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ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System


1. Spa water feels great, looks great, and even smells great!
The system generates natural chlorine which is less irritating to the eyes and skin than the chlorine found in bottles, and does not create the strong chlorine odour associated with the use of bottled chlorine.

2. Water care takes less time and is easy
With regular spa use, daily and even weekly water care requirements are virtually eliminated when using the ACE system, so customers can enjoy more hands-free water care.

3. Low Salt Levels
One of the challenges related to salt water systems for hot tubs in the past is the need to have high levels of salt in the water. The ACE salt water sanitizing system uses innovative diamond technology, which allows it to generate powerful natural cleaners using significantly lower levels of salt (around the level of drinking water). when using the ACE system is 1000ppm, which is essentially undetectable by taste or smell

4. Softer Water, Less Chemicals, Less Work
The ACE salt water sanitizing system automatically generates the precise amount of oxidizers and natural chlorine needed, based on Spa Size and Use Level. There arefewer chemical bottles from which to measure and pour, which means less work for the spa owner. The ACE system communicates with the IQ 2020® control system, making it easy to use.

5. Longer time between water changes, that ultimately use less water
Because the quantity of chemicals added to the water is more precise, the TDS level is lowered which in turn means less fill ups which is good for the planet and good for your pocket.

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Important Notice

The ACE system is best used in soft water areas. If you live in a hard water area, you need to ensure a zero calcium level in your hot tub. If you refill or top up with hard water, your ACE system will not work properly and may give you incorrect readings. Hot Tub Barn does not recommend the ACE unit in hard water areas, and will charge for warranty call outs if hard water is used in spas that have ACE installed.

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