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Hot Tub Running Costs

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Many companies make spurious claims about the running costs of their hot tubs, and there are very few that can prove the low energy consumption of their products.

Use Prestige Collection or Starlight Collection for 6 x 30 minute sessions per week with a maintained water temperature of 39°C, and the average weekly electricity running cost starts from £5-£10 per week. This figure is based on the average weekly cost, worked out over a one year period, with the spa installed outdoors in the UK.

Calculating Your Monthly Cost

To get an idea of the potential running costs of your new spa, use this energy calculator. It uses the actual documented energy consumption of the specified Prestige model during heavy use, based on third-party testing.




Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours x Rate per Kilowatt Hour
Temp = Approximate Annual Mean Ambient Temperature in Degrees Celsius
kWh = Approximate Average Kilowatt Hours per Month to Operate Spa*
Rate = Approximate Average Rate Charged per Kilowatt Hour in GBP**
Cost = Approximate Average Monthly Energy Cost to Operate Spa*


* Based on a spa set at 39°C used 6 times per week, 15 minutes with the jets on, 15 minutes with the jets off during each use. Testing conducted by an independent third-party certified laboratory in a Controlled Environmental Chamber at multiple ambient temperatures using continuous Data Acquisition monitoring of watts, temperature and humidity, with all equipment rigorously calibrated to ensure data accuracy. Testing conducted on representative large, medium and small spa models, with energy values for other models extrapolated from original data. Individual energy consumption will vary depending on water set temperature, actual consumer usage patterns, and actual environmental ambient conditions.

** Based on rate quoted by the local utility company in February 2016. Rates are subject to change - check with your local electricity provider for the current rate in your area.

Running Costs

Riptide was one of the first spa companies to publish its energy efficency - presented in the table below.

Number of units of electricty used each weekAverage price per day, 1 unit @ 12p inc VATAverage price per week to operate
6.06 units
6.23 units
7.81 units
6.39 units
6.85 units
7.81 units
6.65 units
6.40 units

Energy and environmental efficiency is important

Riptide understands the delicate nature of today's ecosystem. They strive to develop products that give back more then they take, and we are concious about the balance between the enviorment and your hot tub.

For this reason, they are continuously seeking ways to improve the impact of their products on the enviroment, both in their processes and the materials that go into manufacturing. For many years, the company has been the leader in energy efficent spas and has received many awards. One of our constant key initiatives is to become a greener company.