Hot Tub Barn

Audio and Entertainment Options

To make your spa experience the most relaxing and enjoyable it can be, we offer a range of audio and entertainment options which will enable to you to listen to your favourite music or watch a film whilst relaxing in the hot tub.

Fitted as standard on all Prestige and Starlight Spas and as an optional extra on Urban Lite and Heritage spa ranges is the awesome Canadian manufactured Gecko 2 Bluetooth audio amplifier system. Coupled with two 50w shell mounted transducers and a separately mounted subwoofer, the 2 audio system transforms the hot tub shell into a huge speaker for great in-spa sounds.

Canadia Gecko in-steam

It’s easy to connect your phone or device by Bluetooth to the 2 System in your spa, whilst leaving your phone or device well away from the wet area. Control your music volume and track selection from the Intuitive Gecko bar top keypad with touch screen colour display.

touch screen display

TV entertainment designed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your hot tub
Designed for spa installation, our waterproof TV monitor system allows you to enjoy video entertainment in the comfort of your own garden, whatever the weather.

tv monitor

Fixed to the spa with a heavy duty steel mounting, the all-weather design protects the LCD TV from rain, dirt, insects, scratches and extreme temperatures. When not in use, further protect the TV with the waterproof, colour matched heavy duty vinyl cover.

waterproof tv cover

Standard TV monitors do not operate well when situated in a hot tub - hot, moist air with chlorine and ozone attack the monitor and greatly reduce equipment life. This is not a problem for the Riptide TV monitor as it is specially designed to live outside the spa on the cabinet and cannot be harmed by rain, frost or sunshine. The monitor can be swiveled on its stand so it can be viewed from most spa seats.

Traditional pop-up speakers situated within the hot tub can be affected by chlorine and ozone and often fail. Riptide speakers, however, are bonded to the spa shell inside the spa cabinet away from the chlorine and ozone and will last for the lifetime of your spa.

Our transducer speakers have fantastic sound, and when used in conjunction with the subwoofer, make for perfect listening. Pop-up or speakers mounted in the cabinet are often an irritation for neighbours. With our shell mounted transducers the sound is directed inside the spa to the bathers, thus reducing external sound.