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Large Hot Tubs

Large hot tubs are the ultimate symbol of luxury and superior style. From the gentle glow from the subaqua lighting system to the gurgle of the relaxing water jets, to the full-screen flatscreen TV and stereo system (if you want them) hot tubs are made to be enjoyed. And the bigger they are, the more people you can share the experience with.

This is all well and good, but many independent hot tub showrooms simply don’t have the space to stock a range of big hot tubs. Not so with Hot Tub Barn, one of the most established names in the UK hot tub arena.

Not only do we offer one of the largest ranges of functioning hot tub models but our experienced team are able and willing to deliver hot tubs nearby, saving you both the cost and hassle of trying to get it home.

Read on for our current selection of the largest hot tubs that we offer – some of which will comfortably accommodate up to eight people at a time!

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The Prestige Excelsior Spa

Prestige Excelsior

Starlight Eclipse

Starlight Eclipse

Heritage Acclaim in Sterling White Marble with Coffee Cabinet

Heritage Acclaim

Heritage Jubliee in Sterling White Marble with Coffee Cabinet

Heritage Jubilee

The Prestige Regent Spa

Prestige Regent

The Prestige Ambassador

Prestige Ambassador

The Prestige Monarch Spa

Prestige Monarch

Urban Lite Metro Hot Tub

Urban Lite Metro


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