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Helo Traditional Steam Saunas

Helo Traditional Saunas allow anybody to enjoy a traditional home sauna experience. They're jam packed with features, and build quality is top notch, built from specially selected Canadian Hemlock, Spruce and Aspen, depending on your chosen model.

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Helo Rock Saunas

Helo Rock Saunas take just 30 minutes to build, and things couldn't be easier, even novice of DIY-ers. No tools are required, as all of the pre-finished panels and parts simply slot and clip into place.

Rock Saunas include..

  • Integral CD/AM/FM Sound System with remote control and roof mounted speakers
  • Low voltage lighting in and out plus LED Light Therapy unit (except Rock 2)
  • Authentic, traditional Finnish sauna heater with built-in heating controls
  • Accessories including Pail, Ladle and Thermometer

Helo Kyllä Saunas

Kyllä is installed as fixture on your choice of floor. A wide range of popular sizes and corner options will guarantee the perfect sauna to suit your home.

Kyllä Features

  • Popular range of sizes
  • Reliable sauna heater with easy to use controls
  • 3 year warranty, leaving you to enjoy your sauna worry-free

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