Hot Tub Barn

A Greener Hot Tub Company

What do you mean, Green?

Here at Hot Tub Barn, we wholeheartedly support schemes to make what we do more environmentally friendly as part of our business strategy. We try our best to contribute to the greater good with initiatives in many areas, including:

  • ☑ Working towards paperless administration, with recycling of necessary paper
  • ☑ Encouraging customers to download brochures rather than sending hard copies
  • ☑ Building and selling products which are manufactured from materails with low environmental impact
  • ☑ Reducing the environmental impact of our business activities
  • ☑ Engaging in Green causes and schemes to lessen our environmental impact
  • ☑ Recycling used hot tubs, spas and other unwanted accessories for customers

In the modern era, there is an almost universally held desire to do what's right for future generations. We understand this extends to goods and services purchased, which is why we are conscious of using suppliers and companies that are pro-active in their efforts to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.

At Hot Tub Barn we strive to lessen the impact of our products and services.

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Energy Efficient Spas

Riptide has always been market leaders in the manufacture of energy efficient hot tubs, as they understand the need to lessen the impact on both the environment, and the purse. With a greater pressure for awareness of environmental issues nowadays, we feel it's important to highlight the reasons Riptide spas are the Greenest choice.

How are Riptide Spas Green?

Energy Efficient - Riptide hot tubs are by far the most energy efficient spas on the market today, with careful design, manufacture and selection of components to give the lowest running costs possible.

Alternative Natural Water Care - The water in a Riptide spa will stay cleaner, for longer, due to specially chosen water care systems designed with the environment in mind.

Minimising of Waste - Riptide is always looking for new ways to recycle, reuse and conserve resources, through both manufacturing and administration.