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Garden Buildings

Hot Tub Barn's range of garden buildings will help you to create your own piece of paradise, with spa shelters and garden cabins to suit a variety of privacy and space requirements. From the elegant simplicity of the White Pavilion, through to spa-mounted shelters like the Seqouia MT, right up to our cabins the Home Resort and Clockhouse, our buildings are designed and built to last.

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 4 Seasons Enclosure

4 seasons enclosure


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Garden Building Maintenance

On a regular basis it is a good idea to wash all the plastic elements of your spa shelter, like the roof windows and external panels in a mild warm detergent. Never use anything abrasive as your windows etc may show scratches if the wrong products are used.

The wood used in all shelters is top grade timber. Although the timber has a natural colour, in some models colour is enhanced with a water based stain at the factory. After several years the stain will fade and will need to be cleaned and re-stained. We would suggest that the timber is pressure cleaned with a high pressure cleaner and then after allowing time to dry is re stained with a water based stain.

Lapa Thatch Maintenance

Lapa shelters require no maintenance but you should expect the reed thatch to darken over time. The thatch is very hard warring but sever winds can loosen panels. Should you have any damage we can provide new Reed thatch panels from stock.