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Swim Spa and Hot Tub Covers

To find the right Cover for your Spa or Pool, please select the manufacturer from the list below.

HotSpring Hot Tub Covers

HotSpot Hot Tub Covers

Tiger River Hot Tub Covers

Limelight Hot Tub Covers

Solana Hot Tub Covers

Sanum Hot Tub Covers

Rapid River Pool Covers

Riptide Pool Covers

Replacement Covers for Hot Tubs and Spas

At Hot Tub Barn we sell replacement Hot Tub Covers for HotSpring, HotSpot, Solana, Tiger River, Sanum and Limelight spas, as well as Riptide and Rapid River Swim Spa Covers. Buy online, call us on 01245 265036, or pop into a showroom.

High Quality Covers

At Hot Tub Barn, we sell top quality covers which are built to last from marine-grade vinyl, and made to measure for your spa, ensuring a perfectly snug fit and many years of trouble free use.

Thermocap™ Spa Cover Upgrades

OEM Spa Covers are generally manufactured from 1.5-2lb closed cell polystyrene foam, heat sealed and wrapped before being covered in marine vinyl. Our Thermocap™ doubled-wrapped cover option adds an extra layer of polythene to the core of the cover, helping to extend its serviceable life.