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An 8 person hot tub is the ideal choice if you want to share the ultimate spa experience with all your friends and family. You can sit back and relax with your loved ones as the warm water bubbles around you and music flows from the spa’s inbuilt audio system – paradise! Our spacious hot tubs can be used all year round thanks to them being fully insulated.

State of the Art Hot Tubs

At Hot Tub Barn, we specialise in the sale of state of the art spas. Built to an impeccable standard with a robust Optix™ XL Spa Acrylic shell, an 8 person hot tub from our range can be relied upon to stand the test of time. Plus, with up to 66 hydrotherapy jets, you can expect it to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our hot tubs come with various optional extras too, including the Gecko In.Touch 2 Wifi Communication System that allows you to go online whilst you’re unwinding in the water.

Servicing for Your 8 person Hot Tub

When it comes to keeping your 8 person hot tub working efficiently, we’re always happy to provide you with expert advice. Whether you want to know which chemicals to use to keep the water’s pH at the correct level or you’re not sure how to clean the filters, we’re on hand to answer all of your questions. What’s more, we also provide various spa servicing packages, with our technicians able to come out to your property to service your tub as often as required. This will ensure that your 8 person hot tub remains in full working order and continues to offer you an exceptional spa experience.

For help choosing an 8 person hot tub for your garden, please get in touch. We can discuss your options with you, helping you to select a spa that not only meets your needs but your budget too. We offer free delivery and installation throughout England, with dispatch usually within just 24 hours. You can have your perfect hot tub with you in no time at all!

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We offer up to 8 years warranty on selected models.

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