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A 3 person hot tub can be the ideal addition to your garden. With plenty of space to spread out, you can relax and unwind as the bubbles envelope you. Whether you want to take some rare ‘me time’, enjoy quality time with your partner, or you’ve invited friends over, you can expect there to be plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the full hot tub experience. As hot tubs tend to be sized based on adults, a 3 person hot tub could just as easily fit 4 or more children with ease.

A Wide Range of 3 Person Hot Tub Styles

Our 2 person hot tubs are very popular. However, if you’re concerned that a tub with 2 seats will be too small for your needs, we recommend opting for a 3 person hot tub. Our 3 person tubs come in a wide range of styles, making sure there’s a model for everyone. From our Tranquillity Skyline model with 22 hydrotherapy jets in 3 variations to the Starlight Luna Platinum with 30 hydrotherapy jets and galvanised steel frame, we have 3 person hot tubs to suit all needs and budgets. Our 3 person tubs have a volume of between 750 and 850 litres.

Below you will find a full range of hot tub spas designed for three adults. Clicking on any model will give you a complete view of each in turn, allowing you to make an informed decision. Of course, our experienced team are always on hand to discuss your requirements with you, providing expert advice to help you choose the right 3 person hot tub for you.

A Premium Aftersales Service

Hot Tub Barn is one of the UK’s best established hot tub retailers. Therefore, you can expect to receive a service that’s second to none. We pride ourselves on offering a high level of aftersales to our customers, making sure that you can start enjoying your new hot tub as quickly as possible. We can deal with any issues right away.

Contact Hot Tub Barn today to discuss our fantastic range of 3 person hot tubs.

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4 products

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We offer up to 8 years warranty on selected models.

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