Free Star Charts for hot tub owners (and anybody else)

Gazing up at the spellbinding night sky is traditionally one of the most romantic and thought-provoking ways to spend a summer's evening, and it almost goes without saying that doing so while reclining in the soothing warmth of a hot tub truly is one of life's finest pleasures.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you had some idea what it was you were looking up at, too? That's why we've created these brilliant Summer/Winter Star Charts, to help you navigate your way around the universe - well, the bits you can see, at least.

How to Use Them

Grab a copy using one of the methods below, and then orient the chart using a compass - most smartphones have a built in compass application, or a free app available to download.

Stargazing Tip

Buy a Red Torch - It can take 40-60 minutes to get fully accustomed to dark conditions, and exposure to bright light ruins it. The best solution is to use an astronomers torch which has both red and white LEDs, and can be dimmed. Red light at a low level will not affect your ability to see in the dark, but will offer enough light to use the star charts.

Option 1. Download PDF and print

If you don't want to wait, you can go right ahead and download both charts in PDF format, for DIY printing. We certainly also recommend laminating them if you're using them by the water.


Download Star Chart in PDF format  Download the Summer/Winter Star Chart PDF


Option 2. We'll send you a laminated copy (just pay 50p P&P - UK only, sorry)

If you'd like a double sided, laminated copy of our star chart, perfect for using in your pool or spa, all you need to do is visit our contact page and request one. Leave some contact information, and we will send back your star chart within 28 days.

Option 3. Drop into a showroom in Chelmsford, Ashford or Knockholt

Please feel free to drop in and ask for a free, laminated star chart. There's no need to make a purchase, and we'd be delighted to see you regardless.

Option 4. Print or Share the images below

Probably the lowest quality method, but these should print out reasonably well for you to laminate at home. You are also free to use them on your own website or blog, as long as you credit us with a link back to this page.

Summer Star ChartWinter Star Chart

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