What You Need to Maintain Your Hot Tub During Winter

Some people brave the winter in the UK for a relaxing soak in their hot tubs, whereas others prefer to let their hot tubs have a rest before the weather perks up again when spring arrives. However you wish to proceed through the chillier months, this blog will get you up to speed on how to best care for your hot tub during the winter.

I don’t want to use my hot tub in the winter

Save yourself some pennies on heating and circulating the water of your hot tub by closing it down for the winter. However, it isn’t as simple as closing the lid and forgetting about it until the summer.

Drain your hot tub

If you were to leave unheated and uncirculated water in your hot tub during the winter the chances are it will freeze. This can lead to some serious damage and costly repairs when you want to use it again. The best course of action is to flush and drain your hot tub – this information will be available in the manual it came with.

Drain the air blower

Not ever hot tub has an air blower. If yours does you will need to drain this too. Draining the air blower takes about 30 seconds and pushes any water out the system so it can dry out easily.

Give the jets a final blast

You will want to make sure the jet system is a dry as possible too. You can do this using a wet-dry vacuum. Simply blow air through each of the jets to expel as much water as possible.

Remove the filters and store

Over the summer the filters of your hot tub will have been in action and now is the perfect time to clean them. Simply remove the filters by pulling them out. Give them a clean and dry them as much as possible. Don’t put them back into your hot tub, simply store them somewhere moisture free for the winter period. Just remember to replace them when you get your hot tub up and running again.

Conduct a final clean

So that there is less work to do when you open up your hot tub again in the spring give your hot tub a serious clean. Mop up any water in the shell before popping the cover on and locking it for the cold months.

I do want to use my hot tub during the winter

There can be nothing better than a relaxing dip in your hot tub when the colder weather sets in – just make sure to have your robe near for when you hop out! However, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare your hot tub for use during the winter.

Ensure your cover is in good condition

Heat from the water is mostly lost through the surface. Before the weather gets too cold, check over your hot tub cover. If there is any damage or the cover is waterlogged you may need to replace it. Failure to do so could result in some high energy bills as you fight to keep the water temperature at a comfortable level.

Replace the water

Nobody wants to change their hot tub’s water in the depths of winter. So, before it gets too chilly, drain and clean your hot tub and treat it to a refill of fresh water.

You should make sure to check the water level of your hot tub frequently in the winter. You will likely be using it less than you would in the warmer months and will, therefore, be less aware of any water drops. If the water level drops too low your heater could shut down which could lead to water in your hot tub freezing. This can cause damage to your hot tub.

Correct chemicals

Do not neglect proper hot tub care in the winter. Just because you’re using your hot tub less doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to caring for the water. Make sure you have your usual stock of spa chemicals to keep the water in your hot tub clean and at the perfect balance.

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