How To Throw a Socially Distanced BBQ in Your Garden

As of the 29th of March 2021, we can officially have gatherings in our gardens again. What’s even better is the days are getting longer and the temperature is warming up, which only means one thing, BBQs!

Many people are asking if having a BBQ in your garden is allowed and the answer is yes, with a few changes you can still enjoy a delicious BBQ in the sun with friends and family. 

This summer BBQs are going to be slightly different to normal as although restrictions are lifting, we still must practice social distancing to keep ourselves and others safe.

Here’s What to Consider

Keep the numbers low

As it stands, the rule of six is still enforced, therefore you can’t throw a BBQ party with more than six people. If you have a small garden, we recommend keeping the number low so that you have enough space to keep everyone distanced.

Plan the food in advance

When it comes to food it’s important to have a plan of action. Government guidelines state that you should not pass each other food or drink unless you live together.

Therefore, you could encourage your guests to bring their own food or pre-prepare the food and plate it up beforehand so that there is no need to pass anything around.

Have only one person cooking

If you’re providing the food for your guests, make sure that only one person does the cooking. At BBQs, it’s common for others to get involved and help with the cooking. In these circumstances, it’s best that only one person comes into contact with the grill and then plates up the food for everyone to devour.


You’re not meant to use plates or utensils that someone from another household has touched. You could ask guests to bring their own tableware or alternatively, provide disposable cutlery, plates and cups to reduce contamination between households.

If you must use your cutlery and crockery, ensure that it is cleaned before anyone else uses it.

Hand Sanitiser

Make sure you have hand sanitiser readily available. Pop it on tables, next to the food and even at the entrance to your garden so that everyone can sanitise before entering.

Avoid Going Inside

The guidelines state ‘you must not socialise indoors with anyone that does not live in your household’, however, entering a house is allowed if it is to use the bathroom. Allow your guests to use the bathroom in your home but advise them to wear a mask, wash their hands thoroughly and then exit immediately.

Maintain Social Distancing

You must still stay two metres apart from anyone that isn’t in your household or bubble. Therefore, when hosting a BBQ, you need to ensure you are prepared with seating and eating arrangements that follow the rules and protect your visitors.

If you’ve got a large table, make sure that everyone is spread two metres apart around, preferably you could assign each household a picnic blanket and place them two metres apart on the lawn.

Keep the Hot Tub Off Limits for Now

As tempting as it may be, it’s important to keep the lid on the hot tub spa for now. Hot tubs, paddling pools and swim spas are still off limits and can only be used by people in the same household. Hopefully, it won’t be long until hot tub parties are back.

Enjoy yourself

All these rules and regulations can really put a downer on things but after the last year we all deserve to relax and appreciate time with our friends and family. Even if you’re sat two metres apart, you can still have a laugh, sip on some cocktails and take pleasure in the company of your loved ones.

If you would like more help or advice please get in touch with your nearest showroom or call us.

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