How to Prepare My Hot Tub for Winter

How to Prepare My Hot Tub for Winter

We know it’s cold in the winter months but that doesn’t mean your hot tub needs to be drained and lie dormant. Due to external temperatures being lower your hot tub may have to work a little harder but if you can afford the running costs of a hot tub in the winter period, why not enjoy a relaxing dip after a hard day a work? After all, sinking into a gorgeous warm bubbling hot tub is the exact reason you bought it, regardless of the time of year.

If you want to keep your hot tub switched on during the winter here are some considerations to take on board:

Changing the water before the big freeze

Before the chill really sets in why not take the opportunity to drain your tub and give it a thorough clean? Chances are you won’t want to do it when the mercury drops too drastically and we don’t blame you. Changing the water and giving your hot tub a deep clean will help maintain your spa throughout the winter months and make sure the water is safe for you to use.

Do you need a new hot tub cover?

In winter you will want to retain as much heat in your hot tub as possible. Faulty or damaged covers are the main reason for heat loss from the surface of the water. If your hot tub cover is bowing (typically a sign of being waterlogged) or coming up at the corners this will be letting out heat – something we deeply need when it’s chilly outside! You may also notice that your energy bills go up as you question why it’s taking so much more power to get the water to the right temperature. Investing in a new cover now could seriously pay off during winters to come.

What is a floating thermal blanket?

To ensure you’re losing as little heat from your hot tub as possible some users invest in a floating thermal blanket. The blanket sits on the surface of the water under your hot tub cover and is removed when the spa is in use. Floating thermal blankets also protect the underside of you hot tub’s cover, increasing its lifespan.

Floating thermal blankets vary in price. However, be warned that some of the cheaper blankets on the market have been known to disintegrate and infiltrate the pipework and pumps of hot tub systems. Read the reviews and shop around before purchase.

Keep an eye on the water level and chemistry

Although going outside can seem a chore in colder weather you should still take the time to monitor the water levels of your hot tub. You can seriously damage your spa if the water level gets too low as the pump and heater can shut down, resulting in frozen water in the system.

The water chemistry should also not be neglected. Checking the levels are safe for use during the winter is important because bacteria can still thrive in cooler temperatures. Make sure you have a stock of all your essential chemicals to top up when needed.

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