How to Make an Impact with Your Smaller Garden

How to Make an Impact with Your Smaller Garden

They say good things come in small packages and this is certainly true for those of us who have miniature gardens. New builds and urban properties tend to have smaller plots and it can be challenging when deciding what to do with the space. However, there are ways to make the most of your space, at times even making it appear larger. Don’t ever feel like you’re missing out with a smaller garden because there is so much scope to create a fantastic private space.

Employ some visual trickery 

It can be tempting to patio a small garden and be done with it. However, this can actually make the space seem smaller. Less is definitely more with pocketsize gardens but using visual tricks such as mirrors, small water features, and pockets of coloured flowers to make the space feel enriched is a great idea. If you want a low maintenance approach avoid flower borders and get your hands on some large pots to dot in the corners and around garden furniture.

Hot tubs aren’t just for big gardens

You may think you need a sprawling garden to install a hot tub, but this isn’t the case. At Hot Tub Barn we have an array of small hot tubs to fit even the dinkiest of outdoor spaces. Our Urban Lite Boulevard model is a two-seater corner hot tub, perfectly designed to fit into corners that other hot tubs cannot so you can save on space. Slightly larger is the Urban Lite Skyline, a three-seater hot tub perfect for couples or smaller families who wanted a bit of luxury in their garden without comprising their outdoor space.

The only way is up

So often we forget about the walls and fences lining our gardens. Much like cities make the most of small plots of land by building upwards, the same principal can be applied to a smaller garden. Utilise wall space with hanging baskets, flower troughs, and wall ornaments to create depth. Fences can be decorated with trellis and trailing plants, as well solar powered fairy lights and bird feeders.

Double up on storage

If you have a smaller garden aim for every item to have a purpose, particularly if you need storage. Planted troughs are a great way to not only incorporate plants into your garden, but you can also store children’s toys or gardening equipment underneath. If your space allows, there are also miniature garden sheds available to store items and you can also use the outside for hanging baskets or affix trellis to grow flowers or vegetables up.

If you’re lucky enough to have a couple of windows facing out onto your garden get creative with window boxes too! This is an easy way of incorporating colour into your garden without invading any ground space.

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