How to Keep Your Hot Tub Running Costs as Low as Possible

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Running Costs as Low as Possible

Hot tubs are a luxury, and it is no secret that their use will have an impact on your electricity bill. However, it doesn’t need to be something you fret over our hot tubs are designed to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

In addition, there are lots of tips and tricks to adopt to keep your running costs down to a minimum.  Each of the changes and habits below will help you save money on your hot tub and you should see your monthly electricity spend go down.

Protect your hot tub from the wind

If your hot tub is out in the open it can be battered by cold winds. This exposure can cause the exterior of your hot tub to cool down and this has a negative impact on the water temperature too. Despite the insulation, cold winds and weather can creep in. Installing something as simple as a fence or wind break around your hot tub will help alleviate the potential issue.

Cover the surface of the water

A hot tub cover is a necessity when avoiding high electricity costs as it saves you having to boost the temperature. A quality, non-damaged cover is essential for any hot tub owner. However, a thermal cover can also be a great addition to your hot tub’s accessories. 70% of heat loss from a hot tub is through water evaporation and a thermal blanket or cover prevents excess heat escaping from the water’s surface.

Decrease the water temperature

Understandably the hotter you have your hot tub water the more expensive it is to run. Turning down the thermostat to a lower temperature that is still comfortable will go some way in reducing your energy costs. Most people enjoy a temperature between 36 degrees centigrade and 39 degrees centigrade. You can also take the temperature right down for a few days if you know it won’t be used.

Clean the filter

Keep an eye on your filter; a dirty filter uses more energy. Clean or replace your filter when needed as when a filter is full of debris the pump must work overtime to draw the water through it. Weekly cleaning and maintenance are ideal, with a fresh filter or deep clean completed every 3-4 months. 

Do you use the built-in lights?

If your hot tub comes with an in-built light system think about how much this is using. Do you leave the lights on when the hot tub is not in use? Are you using energy efficient bulbs? All these factors can add up and increase your electricity spend every month. For some models you may have to wait until your hot tub is empty to get to some of the bulbs. But, if not, you can make positive changes now. Make sure your hot tub lights aren’t turning on at random points when it is not in use. Furthermore, in the summer months you could turn the lights off altogether due to the hours of sunlight available.

We hope you now have some good ideas on how you could cut down your electricity costs when running your hot tub. Many of the ideas above are just a case of getting into new habits. It is best to adopt a few different methods of hot tub maintenance to help keep running costs as low as they could be.

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