How Long Can a Hot Tub Stay Empty?

How Long Can a Hot Tub Stay Empty?

As a hot tub owner, you may feel you will never see the day that you may wish your hot tub to be empty. However, cold winter periods or house moves may require some of us to consider emptying our hot tubs. There is absolutely no reason why your hot tub cannot remain empty for a period of time, however, you need to be aware of some issues that can arise if your empty hot tub is not cared for properly. This blog will make you aware of any potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Why would you choose to leave your hot tub empty?

Hot tubs can be left empty for a number of reasons, including:

  • Preparing it for winter
  • Preparing it for summer
  • House moves
  • Long holidays
  • Repair work

Getting your hot tub ready for winter

Many hot tub owners choose to completely shut down their hot tub when winter draws near to save on energy bills when the hot tub isn’t in use. If you shut down your hot tub for the winter you must ensure that as much water as possible is removed – this requires a full drain and the use of a wet dry vacuum. Once every last water droplet is sucked up and the correct steps have been taken as per your hot tub’s manual pop on a lockable hot tub cover to keep your spa safe until spring has sprung.

Having your hot tub empty in the summer

Some people choose to leave their hot tubs empty in the summer, particularly if they are going away for extended periods of time during the holidays. Leaving your hot tub empty during these months is not issue provided you have a suitable hot tub cover. Sunlight can seriously damage the interior shell of a hot tub so it needs to be covered up.

After draining and cleaning your hot tub don’t forget to clean and store the filters – you will need to put these back in before you start using it again. Before refilling, run some chlorine through the pipes and clean any debris or insects that have entered through the pipes or tiny gaps.

Top hot tub maintenance tips

Hot tubs are a luxury and it is important to keep them in good condition. To help you maintain your hot tub you should abide by our following tips:

  • Clean and filter your hot tub every 3 to 4 months
  • Never leave your hot tub full of water when the power is off
  • Ensure you use a lockable hot tub cover
  • Check the hot tub cover is not waterlogged
  • Maintain the correct water chemistry
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