How Do I Get a New Hot Tub into My Back Garden?

How Do I Get a New Hot Tub into My Back Garden?

Having a new hot tub can be an exciting time, especially if you have never had one before. However, in your mind it may be a logistical nightmare. You don’t have back garden access. The alley to your garden is thin. Your outdoor space is accessed by steps. To you, these may seem like serious issues that may deter you from getting a hot tub. From the point of view of hot tub installers – these issues are what they deal with every day! You don’t need to worry.

Hot Tub Barn and our staff have been transporting and installing hot tubs since 1996. In Piccadilly Circus we craned a hot tub and a grand piano onto a roof terrace and we even closed London’s South Circular road at 3am (thanks to the police and local authority) to put in another hot tub. No hot tub delivery or installation is too challenging for us.

How Do you Get a Hot Tub from A to B?

We have a fleet of vehicles, including a 7.5 tonne truck that can carry two hot tubs, or a hot tub and a building. We also have a 16ft flatbed delivery truck, three spa trailers and a larger Hiab truck for exercise pools and swim spas. Our range of different vehicles means we can deliver your hot tub even if you live down the tiniest of lanes or confined cul-de-sac.

In terms of getting your new hot tub from the vehicle to your garden, this is where we have to use machinery and man-power. Hot tubs weigh up to 1400kg, this means we use either a Hiab equipped truck or crane to get the hot tub to its destination.

For homes with simple garden access, the team will typically utilise the Hiab arm (like a small crane) to place the hot tub onto a dolly and carefully wheel it to where it needs to be. In more complicated scenarios we use a crane – this is commonplace for us here at Hot Tub Barn.

We don’t own our own crane, but we can recommend trusted partners to help. We will be on site throughout the entire process and will communicate with the crane operator whilst they lift your new hot tub over your home and into place. It may seem daunting, but this really is very normal, and the team make sure everything is safe.

Things to Look Out for with Hot Tub Installation

Hot Tub Barn have never failed to deliver and install a hot tub or swim spa purchased by one of our customers. The only elements that ever cause us issues tend to be telephone or electricity wires. We will always visit your home before a delivery to plan out our process and we will get in touch with the relevant personnel should any wires or such need to be temporarily removed.

Furthermore, if a crane is needed and you live on a busy or major road we will likely need to let the local council and police know. This is just to make sure everyone is aware and safe. We have never been denied permission before and all our jobs have been completed seamlessly and on time.

So, if you were dubious about purchasing a hot tub due to logistical issues, don’t be nervous anymore. The team is ready to deliver and install your hot tub quickly and safely.

Get in touch with us to find our more or to discuss any concerns you may have.

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